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Home » Astrology » Palmistry » Conical Hand

The Conical Hand or the Artistic type

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Conical Hand Physical Characteristics

This hand has smooth fingers, the nails of which are shaped like cones, giving the hand its name. The palm is broad, thick and large, and the thumb is also unusually huge.

Personal Characteristics

The main characteristics of the conic hand are impulse and instinct. They show an artistic, impulsive nature. They may be clever and quick in thought and ideas, yet they are so utterly devoid of patience and tire so easily, that they rarely carry out their intentions. People with this hand are usually connoisseurs of the arts with superb communication skills. They live life on a purely sensual level. They judge everything by impulse and instinct. They are also very much influenced by the people with whom they come in contact, and by their surroundings. They carry their likes and dislikes to extremes, they are usually short-tempered but it is a thing of the moment. Such people tire so easily that they rarely carry out there designs or intentions. They are generous and sympathetic, selfish where their own personal comfort is concerned.


People with this hand are mainly in the creative field, like painters, sculptors, musician and poets.